Commission Commando An Overview

Commission Commando is a one of a kind membership site that helps you set up a powerful, highly optimized website in no time. Comparing it to Google Sniper 2.0, Commission Commando is not just a set of tutorials but it has a platform that helps you get your domain, hosting, and launch your the site almost instantly.Commission Commando

Commission Commando will do better if you have Google Sniper 2.0 because it will teach you the underlying principles of making money generating website. It is undeniably  a powerful tutorial that even the bum marketers would love.

If you will apply the Google Sniper 2.0 principles with the COMMISSION COMMANDO,  it could be a perfect internet marketing battle plan. You will not just several website, but you will have a empire of websites that will bring in a sustainable income for you.

Commission Commando has has an auto website installer where you can actually launch a highly optimize website in "2 MINUTES". In 2 MINUTES guys... no kidding!!!


And please note, we are not talking about a simple WordPress website here. We are talking about an "HIGHLY OPTIMIZED" and readily "MONETIZED" website. In two minutes you will have; fully functional website, with Adsense, affiliate links, connected to twitter, theme installed, and SEO optimized site. All you have to do is to fill in the necessary information.

There are still lots of things to learn inside this powerful membership site. So I guess you better check it out yourself and find more things in it.


So What's Inside It?

  • MODULE 1  - What you are going to learn.
  • MODULE 2 - Getting Ready for Success
  • MODULE 3 - Niche Commando
  • MODULE 4 - Commando Site Launcher
  • MODULE 5 - Customizing and Targetting
  • MODULE 6 - Activating the Awesomeness
  • MODULE 7 - Turbo Charged Promotion
  • MODULE 8 - Finalization and a Rocket Launch
  • MODULE 9 - Operation "Total Takeover"
  • MODULE 10 - Final Thoughts

Commission Commando Advanced Training Program

  • Twitter Commander
  • Commando Commander
  • List Building Masterclass
  • Local Market Cash Cow
  • RSS Sniper


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Vincent Olaer is the maker and author of Brand Build It and The Disciplers. He works as a freelance SEO keyword researcher and analyst, website and blog builder, and internet marketer. You can read more about him at Vincent Olaer website. Connect with him via Google+.

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